About Us

Our mission is to help alumni, researchers, academics, scholars, innovators, thinkers and doers visualize hidden connections and explore their individual and collective impact. We help leverage untapped capacity in order to inspire collaborative solutions to difficult global problems.

Making Connections

Our Team

Sherry Shannon-Vanstone
Sherry Shannon-Vanstone
President & CEO
Brian Romansky
Brian Romansky
Chief Strategic Advisor
Lisa Starbuck
Lisa Starbuck
IT & Marketing Director
Adele Newton
Adele Newton Business Development Director
Sohail Ramzan
Sohail Ramzan
Technical Program Manager
Anish Darji
Anish Darji
AWS Developer
Abeyan Thirunavukkarasu
Abeyan Thirunavuk-karasu
Data Analyst
Etka Sharma
Ekta Sharma
Full Stack Angular Junior Developer
Naman Gupta
Full Stack Angular Developer
Sherryl Petricevic

About Profound Impact

Profound Impact is a Canadian woman owned company with offices in Campbellville, Ontario.  Founded by Sherry Shannon-Vanstone, a well-known serial entrepreneur, and working with an experienced team of marketing & communication, product management and product development experts, Profound Impact is offering a digital community next-generation social engagement and interaction platform.